Brix & Mortar Co. | Building Your Presence Brick by Brick
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Brix & Mortar – Building Your Digital Reputation, Brick by Brick

Brix & Mortar, is a dynamic company, offering customized services to contractors and tradesmen. As digital marketing changes rapidly and becomes more competitive, Brix and Mortar remain a cut above the rest due to our experienced, hard-working and friendly team with a combined experience of 13 years.

Local Service Ads and SEO puts your business in front of your next potential customer

Google Home Service Ads and Search Engine Optimization are some of the most effective marketing services the team at Brix & Mortar offers.  And our results speak for themselves. If you want more qualified leads and want to grow your business, this is how you do it. 


Our team of Google AdWords accredited professionals, are certified Adwords and SEO experts who can improve your ranking and maximize visibility for your business. Brix & Mortar specializes in putting your business in front of your next potential customer while they are looking for the services you provide in the targeted location you want to work in.


In addition to traditional search engine optimization solutions, the team at Brix & Mortar are certified Local Services (AdWords) professionals. Local Services ads is the latest advertising product offered by Google, which allows businesses to stay at the top of search engine listings within their geographic area. The quality leads generated by these ads deliver the most impressive ROI results we have ever seen. 

Our Specialty is Contractors & Tradesmen

No Contracts or Hidden Fees

20%-30% Increase In Phone Leads From Local SEO

Minimum Return on Investment for Google Home Service Ads is 5:1

Actual Local SEO Results, for Brice Roofing, a Brix & Mortar Client for Four Years.

Check Out Some of Our Latest Work

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